Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All the little things -- "Breakfast in bed"

I've been trying to keep a journal of the little things that makes me happy.  Instead of writing, I thought I'll do a doodle for fun.  And I'm allowing myself to use different media -- digital, pen, pencil, pen, black/white, color, or even a napkin sketch.  It'll all depend on how I feel that day.  I'm excited about this.  Cause as we all know, it's all the little things that counts.

My first one is breakfast in bed.  Norm knows I'm not a morning person.  So he wakes me up and I'll be telling him, "5 more minutes", then after the hundreds time, he will make me eggs and I'll eat it in bed with our kitties.  This is pretty much how I look every morning.  Very unattractive but Norm loves me anyway.  I still don't know how I get to be this lucky?  Seriously?!?!?!?  Thank you so much honey!!!!  All the things you do makes me happy and I love you very much!!!!!!!

ps.  In case anyone wonder about Junior's teeth.  Yes, he only has 3 teeth left.

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  1. hahah love his teeth. It was great meeting you at CTN!